Thermal Imaging Energy Audits

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Thermal imaging (Infrared) is an emerging technology allowing us to demonstrate potential issues/ abnormalities/ anomalies that no one can detect using traditional methods and with the naked eye. With temperature sensing technology, most issues are detected and therfore quickly resolved.


  • Before making payment to your contractor for a completed renovation, call H.I.S Inc for thermal imaging scan to ensure no deficiencies such air infiltration, water leaks or substandard insulation & framing practices, etc are evident.

Energy Efficiency/ Energy Audit

  • Are you concerned about energy savings and the possible locations of air infiltration, water leaks and poorly insulated areas and don’t know where they are?

Call H.I.S Inc for a thermal energy audit to demonstrate your problematic issues costing you money, time and energy. Don’t waste your unnecessary time and energy demolishing your home trying to locate the problems.

Home Inspection

  • If you are obtaining a home inspection, it is in your best interest to invest in thermal imaging inspection as often times issues that are not visible to the eye show no signs of concern on the surface but rather in hidden cavities or unseen areas not visible without destruction..
  • Call H.I.S Inc to add thermal imaging energy audit to your home inspection at a discounted rate.
  • Missing Insulation - Locate poor insulation quickly by detecting and comparing differences with surrounding areas.
  • Water Damage - Find and fix hidden water damage quickly before small problems become big, expensive ones, and document proof of your repairs.
  • Air Leaks - Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing them saves energy and money.
  • Electrical Problems - Finding hidden electrical problems is, allowing you to take quick action to solve them.
  • HVAC Problems - Discover leaking ductwork and troubleshoot heating, AC, and radiant flooring problems to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Mold and Rot - See temperature differences to expose hidden leaks that can lead to expensive and extensive health issues and structural damage.
  • Destructive Pests - Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before they eat customers out of house and home.